Counselor Corner 

P.S. 127 Respect For All Liaison

Stefanie Meola

School Counselor 

(718) 833 2323, extension 3091



  • RESPECT for ALL WEEK February 8 - February 12. Each day of Respect For All Week, all students and staff members are encouraged to wear these colors to spread kindness and share the importance of RESPECT!
  • Monday – Yellow is for the Golden Rule.  “Treat others the way you want to be treated” . WEAR YELLOW!
  • Tuesday - Green is for the Environment. Respect your Environment. WEAR GREEN!
  • Wednesday – Purple is for Kindness. Spread Kindness like Confetti. WEAR PURPLE!
  • Thursday – Blue is for Loyalty and Respect. Be a True Blue Friend. SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT and WEAR BLUE! Flyer - RFA - Colors for the Week 

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 Internet Safety 2020 

RULER- The Six Steps of the Meta-Moment

  1. Something happens: We realize a trigger has set off an emotional response
  2. Sense:  We recognize the shifts in our thoughts, body and behavior.
  3. Stop:  We catch ourselves and focus on our breath to avoid being swept up by our emotions.
  4. See your best self:  We activate an image of our "best self" to change our mindset.
  5. Strategize : We choose an effective emotion regulation strategy.
  6. Succeed: We respond effectively.