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Counselor Corner 

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Stefanie Meola

School Counselor 

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  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month!  P.S. 127 will show our support by hosting YOUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS! activities and events throughout the month.  Now more than ever, we will use this time to prioritize the mental health of our students.

    We are here for you!  We are here to help!

    Together, we can support those affected by mental illness and guide them to appropriate resources in order to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

    Whether your child is learning online or in-person, our Mental Health Matters tools and resources will support each student and family while strengthening their social and emotional well-being.  Please consider using, our remote-friendly Mental Health checklist that is attached. It offers 20 activities that are easy to do while at home to take care of your Mental Health!

    Here are mental health links for you and your family to explore.



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    Your Mental Health Matters! We challenge you to complete as many activities as you can for YOU! Have fun and smile big knowing that you are becoming the best version of YOU!  Parent Letter - Your Mental Health Matters.docx  20 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health - Chart 1 1.docx 

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    20 tipsApril is National Poetry Month and to celebrate this month-long celebration of poetry,  we will participate in Poem in your Pocket Day, on April 29th. Poem in your Pocket Day
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  • RULER- The Six Steps of the Moment
    • Something happens: We realize a trigger has set off an emotional response
    • Sense:  We recognize the shifts in our thoughts, body and behavior.
    • Stop:  We catch ourselves and focus on our breath to avoid being swept up by our emotions.
    • See your best self:  We activate an image of our "best self" to change our mindset.
    • Strategize : We choose an effective emotion regulation strategy.
    • Succeed: We respond effectively.